Pro-Life Spiderman Microtech™ SS Loose Fit Shirt
Pro-Life Spiderman Microtech™ SS Loose Fit Shirt


Pro-Life Spiderman Microtech™ SS Loose Fit Shirt

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Maison Deschamps (I.e: Pro-Life Spider-Man), about a year ago I started climbing buildings to support pro-life charities like Let Them Live. On February 7th, 2023, he climbed the Chase building in Phoenix.

His goal with this climb is to raise awareness of Let Them Live, a charity that helps women cancel their abortions by providing financial support.

To learn more about Let Them Live fundraiser click link below. WSI will be giving back 10% of proceeds to the Let Them Live fundraiser. 

Pro-life Spider-Man – Let Them Live

Be Your Best 

WSI provides you with soft, comfortable, dry-fit, American-made clothing that increases athletic performance and allows you to be your best - both on and off the field.

Product Features: 

  • Ideal for working out or wearing casually
  • Advanced moisture wicking properties
  • Proudly Made in USA since 1990


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    Microtech™: 100% Polyester 
    •         Great against the skin
    •         Advanced wicking properties 
    •         Anti-microbial Properties 
    •         Anti-Snag technology