Innovative Heated Products Cruise Into Denver

Joel Wiens

Posted on November 07 2013

On November 7th, 2013 – WSI Sports, a made in USA sportswear manufacturer, and makers of the first ever heated underwear, will be at the Colorado Convention Center showing off their innovative gear next weekend. Yes, heated underwear,There are no wires or electronic devices hooked up-it's all in the fabric.The heating action comes from a proprietary, hyper hollow fiber that is knitted into this hyper hollow fabric. As the heat and moisture from the body interact with this patented HEATR fabric, the strands of fiber expand and generate heat. WSI, known as “Cold Weather Experts,” has the hottest cold weather gear in the market, designed specifically for Northern climate.

The Denver Ski and Snowboard Expo will run from November 8th to November 10th; there will be activities such as The Rocky Mountain Brew Fest, the Winter Park Kids Learning Center, the ELITEAM Training Center, and much more. The show will feature a huge expo representing top Ski and Snowboard companies that provide season passes, lodging, gear, apparel, and more. Look for the booth covered in blaze orange, and you will spot WSI Sports.


WSI Sports is exhibiting their latest heated Ski and Snowboarding base layers, including a custom USA Ski Jumping line, specifically designed to support the USA Ski Jumping team.  As an official supplier, WSI is proud to manufacturer “100% Made in USA” gear for the USA Ski Jumping team to be worn during competition. Look out for the USASJ to be flying high with WSI during the coming Winter Olympics.


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