Dad's Stay Dry Gift Guide

Joel Wiens

Posted on June 02 2015

The Fish Dad

Growing up on a lake with my father, I know all about the fish dad. Waking up early in the morning to go out, somtimes even in the rain. He would drag me along saying that eventually I wouldn't find it so boring and would instead find it relaxing and fun. Well, 15 years later, I can honestly say I love fishing... I guess he know best... Shocking, right? Dads have a tendency to do that. The Fish Dad enjoys spending quiet days on the water with a pole in his hand. He lives for the thrill of finally catching the big one after patiently waiting, sometimes for hours at a time. The one that he can be proud of. The Fish Dad loves to wear the microtech loose fit long sleeve top because its lightweight and very comfortable, perfect for long mornings on the water! 


The Joc Dad

Turns out, I was also fortunate enough to have my father as my softball coach for ten years. I hear a lot of athletes saying that they think the would dislike having their Dad as their coach but mine always pushed me to my full potential and for that, I am forever grateful. While pushing me to my full potential, he always found a way to make it fun whether it was random water balloon fights in the middle of practice or a pizza party after a big win. Softball really shaped the kind of person I am today and I can thank my Dad for a lot of that. Along with my dad, the Joc Dad is relatively competitive and loves team sports. He loves to coach (whether its on or off the field) and is heavily involved in sports and loves being active. The Joc Dad loves the microtech loose fit 1/4 zip polo top because the advanced wicking properties keeps you dry and comfortable, a great find for coaching! 

The JOC Dad


The Adventure Dad

Since kids are natural explorers, Dads have to follow in suit to ensure they dont get too mischevious. This Dad is an explorer at heart and enjoys the outdoors and all things that mother nature has to offer. He likes to participate in exciting and sometimes risky undertakings. This Dad is willing to try new and unfamiliar things and loves to travel- he is always up for an adventure! The perfect product for the Adventure Dad is the microtech loose fit short sleeve top because the anti-microbial technology helps cut down body odor while the anti-snap helps prevent snaps better than competitiors' shirts, perfect for a long adventure! 

The Adventure Dad


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