The Bold Move

Joel Wiens

Posted on January 10 2018

One thing to know about Minnesotans is that we are proud of our state and all it has to offer - a sizable State Fair, 10,000+ lakes, Mall of America, and a giant football stadium, which will house the big 2018 football game!  With the once-in-a-year event coming up, it is especially important for us to showcase our Midwest pride to not only the rest of America, but also to the rest of the world.  The only question is, however, how do Minnesotans showcase their Midwest pride? 

Some Minnesotans become great musicians, such as Bob Dylan and Prince, or author famous comics, such as Charles Shulz.  Joel Wiens, the founder and CEO of WSI Sports, however, has decided to showcase his Midwest pride by partnering with Love From Minnesota, a locally-operated retail store chain which has been around since 1979.  Together, these companies have produced a new, locally-made clothing line called Bold North!          

Bold North is a a locally-made clothing line featuring gloves, socks, hats, and shirts lined with a highly specialized fabric called Arctic Microtech.  This unique fabric has a soft feel and is light-weight for increased mobility and ventilation.  Additionally, the fabric has anti-microbial properties that cut down odor and remove bacterial growth.  This means it can be worn multiple times without even needing to be thrown in the wash.

The line is not only functional but fashionable as well, featuring one unique pattern consisting of several beautiful hues ranging from light-blue to dark purple.  These colors resemble those of the magical Northern lights, which dance across the heavens and can only be seen by those willing enough to venture into the Northern-most reaches of Minnesota - otherwise called the Bold North.   

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