WSI Makes the Big Game

WSI Makes the Big Game

Minnesota-Made Company Gives Seattle Seahawks the Edge with special cold weather Underwear.


Joel explaining the HEATR technology to the press


A Made in USA company's cold weather clothing will be worn by the Seattle Seahawks in the Big Game this weekend.

WSI Sports got the dream order to produce cold weather performance base layers for the Seahawks. The phone rang late last Friday afternoon, on the other end of line, the Seattle Seahawks, participants in this year's outdoor Super Bowl. 

The San Francisco 49ers used WSI's Special Gear against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. So, when the 49ers recommended it to their rival Seahawks, Seattle called WSI wanting their gear, knowing the Super Bowl could be played in cold weather in New York

What WSI's Joel Wiens has developed is Cold weather products that both heat and keep you dry. These are two essential components to maximizing your performance in Cold weather games.  "We know cold weather living in Minnesota so we have the perfect testing ground to apply our Cold weather products.  Its physics and physiology, It's a function of understanding the body."  Wiens says

The  Seahawks gear was made literally overnight to be delivered in time for the Big game. The big news has led to numerous interviews, news stories, and article featuring WSI as made in Minnesota suppliers for the biggest football game of the year, watch the videos below to see the stories!