XFL turns to Eagan, Minn. company for its cold-weather gear ahead of season kickoff

Joel Wiens

Posted on March 25 2020

Eagan, MN (2.7.2020) - WSI Sports has designed custom gear for XFL's upcoming kickoff this weekend. This contract with the XFL is WSI's largest order in 30 years. WSI is well known for creating gear for below zero temperatures with their HEATR® technology. They work closely with professional athletes and teams to bring them thin but warm performance gear. WSI's team has spent the last month creating hand muffs, undergarments, and other products needed for outdoor football in colder climates such as New York in February.

"The XFL, new designs, new ideas. I think that is part of the excitement behind it." Joel Wiens the owner of WSI Sports stated about the upcoming season.

Located in Eagan, MN, WSI Sports was founded by Joel Wiens in 1990 and has since been known as the "Cold Weather Expert". The secret to our success is HEATR® technology, which lines the cold weather gear and heats up against the skin, unlike anything else on the market. WSI Sports continues to be a leader in creating innovative, locally made sportswear.



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