WSI Manufacturing Steps up to Make Medical Masks in The Fight against COVID-19

Press Release:
Made In USA Manufacturer Of Cold Weather Sports Gear Now Offering Vital Medical Components To Fight COVID-19
 March 23, 2020 (Eagan, MN) - WSI Sports - a leading Made In USA manufacturer of cold weather, warming, and moisture-wicking clothing for professional athletes and outdoor activity enthusiasts - announced today that it will be manufacturing vital components like medical face masks, gowns, scrubs, shoe and head covers to help the fight against COVID-19.  The company said that it will be will be temporarily restructuring and refocusing its clothing factory in Minnesota to help with the most important needs of our American people.
 Joel Wiens, founder of WSI Sports, said, "As we work together to fight COVID-19, we are switching gears at WSI Sports to help assist in manufacturing vital components like medical face masks during these trying times. If you know of any shortages that we can help with, please contact We are already receiving inquiries from hospitals, retirement homes etc..... So thank everyone for spreading the word and for your continuous support! Together we can overcome!"
 The company said that it is already receiving orders from hospitals, retirement homes, Law enforcement and first responders.  Wiens continued, "It is inspiring to see all the Americans coming together to help fight this Virus"."
 According to company officials (located in Eagan, MN), WSI Sports was founded by Joel Wiens in 1990 and has since been known as the "Cold Weather Expert".  The secret to our success is HEATR® technology, which lines the cold weather gear and heats up against the skin. 
Unlike anything else on the market, WSI Sports continues to be a leader in creating innovative, locally-made sportswear.
 Parties interested in WSI's medical items may email the company at the address mentioned earlier or through the company's contact form at this link:
 For individual mask purchases click link!