Outdoor Hockey Clothing And Gear For Cold Weather

Outdoor Hockey Clothing And Gear For Cold Weather

On January 1, 2022 we provided the cold weather clothing worn underneath the jerseys and pants for both the Minnesota Wild and the St. Louis Blues when they played the annual outdoor NHL Winter Classic. The temperature, according to NHL.com, was minus 5.7 degrees Fahrenheit at the time of the first puck drop.

Here is more information about the game and a video from a local news affiliate covering our manufacturing the clothing for the coldest game in NHL history:



Tweet from the day before (December 31, 2021): See Here

YouTube video (see below)



If you play hockey either outside or at rinks where the cold temperature affects you, or if you are a fan who loves watching hockey being played live - yet you wish to be warmer when watching the games or practices, then we have the same clothing and gear available for you.  Take a moment to see the various items we have and also how we can help your team stay warm when practicing or playing in any cold weather situation.


We look forward to helping you either with your upcoming needs for cold weather individual or team items.  If you have any questions then you are welcome to contact us here:  Contact WSI Sports